Care Package Merchant & Mills Learn to Sew

By Manteau Noir

  • A curated Merchant & Mills Learn to Sew care package comprised of the Elementary Sewing Skills Book, rapid repair kit, bespoke tape measure and pencil. Total value: $79.00

  • The Merchant & Mills Elementary Sewing Skills book is a pocket or bag companion, packed full of useful techniques for wardrobe maintenance and alterations. Bound in linen, with crystal clear instructions, sequenced illustrations and beautiful photography, it is both useful and beautiful. Value: $35.00.

  • The rapid repair kit is in a beautiful etched silver tin and contains black thread bobbin, white thread bobbin, needles in glass tube, pins, safety pins (varied x 3), shirt buttons, paper tape measure and monogrammed scissors. Value: $29.00.

  • A traditional black and white tailor’s tape measure in metric and imperial with metal tips. 150cm or 60 inches. Made in Germany. Value: $11.00.

  • Merchant & Mills HB pencil. Value: $3.00.

Total value: $79.00

Care Package Price: $60.00

In response to COVID-19 we have created a selection of Care Packages for you to gift or enjoy that centre around daily rituals, self nurturing and simple pleasures.

If you would like gift wrapping or a special note added to your purchase please include these details in the "Special instructions to seller" and we will be happy to assist you.

Please purchase each care package individually if they are being sent to different addresses. 

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