Cire Trudon 2021 Petit Christmas Duo Gift set 70gm

By Cire Trudon

$119.00 $149.00
Trudon invites Versailles and the Sun King for a golden Christmas : a magical spirit filled with opulence and humour reigns on the 5 scented candles of the collection. On the glass, black and gold arabesques, reminiscent of Versailles ironworks and gates, adorn the Trudon emblem. All the more theatrical, the Chateau's silhouette and its royal masquerades come to life through Lawrence Mynott's illustrations. A double L further evokes the royal seal. Handcrafted with care, the golden Christmas candles are richly decorated and festive.

This giftset includes:
2 x 70g Petites Bougies: Fir (Christmas tree) & Gloria (Wood & Spices)
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