Futagami Brass Tool Holder Small

Futagami Brass Tool Holder Small

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Designed by Masanori Oji and manufactured at Futagami, one of Japan's oldest metal foundries, this wonderful vessel is made of cast solid brass ad designed for holding kitchen tools. The outside surface has a satin, brushed finish contrasting the rough texture inside. As you use it over the years, it will gain a rich patina due to oxidisation.

Thos beautifully designed and stable tool holders makes the most its weight and is water-resistant being made of the brass material. Having a low center of gravity, it won't fall even when lots of tall tools like ladles, cutlery, chopsticks, etc. are placed within it.

The inner surface is lined with tin. The bottom part is lined with silicone so that it won't damage the surface on which the tool holder is placed. Also it can be used as a flower vase or a pen holder.

Designer: Masanori Oji
Maker: Futagami
Material: Brass
Dimensions: 7cm diameter, 10.4cm height
Origin: Japan