The Busted Gentleman Hera Sculpture Candle - White Wax

By The Busted Gentleman


From Melbourne company The Busted Gentleman, solemn and stately, Hera, as represented here in soy-wax, appears as the crowned matronly queen of the gods known from Greek mythology. Often portrayed as the scorned wife of Zeus, she is a powerful deity in her own right holding dominion over women, marriage, childbirth, and the family. Feared and worshipped her cult centres were once spread throughout the Greco-roman world with supplicants imploring the goddess for her protection or terrifying vengeance on their enemies. Emulating the now shattered centre-pieces of these ruined places of pilgrimage, here we see the steely impassive gaze which would once have greeted the goddess’s devotees cast in cool white wax. A powerful feature piece to be placed in a commanding position, ‘Hera’ represents the archetypal powerful female figure of antiquity.


Hand-poured in Melbourne, Australia.

(Not recommended for burning)

Soy wax - 17 H cm x 11 W cm

*Please note as these are hand-poured slight imperfections do occur*

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