Keiko Mecheri The Beautiful Ones Eau De Parfum 100ml

Keiko Mecheri The Beautiful Ones Eau De Parfum 100ml

Keiko Mecheri


Part artist, part entrepreneur, Keiko Mecheri is multi-cultural woman who was born in Japan, raised in California and studied art in Europe. While some of her scents are subtly evocative of her native Japanese Riviera, it is Keiko Mecheri’s love for Los Angeles and California with its sun-kissed climate, buzzing scene, laid-black lifestyle, diversity and lush surroundings, that really kindles her inspirations and aspirations.

An ode to femininity, Beautiful Ones is imbued with unexpected olfactive facets and notes that are matched liberally, creating an explosion of allusions and illusions. As this unique solifloral fragrance unfurls with top dazzling notes of green citruses, an unexpected chord of patchouli and gourmand notes temper any excesses of honeyed sweetness. A new, and beautiful way, for women to ooze their personal style in full splendor.

Mexican Tuberose, Citrus Notes, Patcouli & Gourmand Notes.

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