TAKADA Twist Brush Large



Shuro Tawashi are traditional cleaning brushes that are made from the bark of the windmill palm tree, a plant that has grown naturally in the Kishu region of Japan for centuries. This natural and eco-friendly scrubber is domestically produced utilizing native Japanese plants, as opposed to synthetic materials and foreign imports. Because tawashi are made from soft and flexible plant fibers, they are not likely to scratch or damage surfaces.

Shuro Tawashi can be used for washing dishes, glassware, ceramics, cleaning vegetables, spot cleaning clothes, and personal exfoliation.

About Takada
Takeda Kozo Shoten was established in 1948 as a processor and manufacturer of windmill palm tree products. The windmill palm tree is a tall, evergreen palm, with bark that is resistant to rotting, rich in elasticity, and highly resistant to water. Since the Edo period, the tree has been an important staple of the Kishu region in Wakayama. Many people cultivate and harvest the tree, and the Kishu-produced bark is so precious and useful that the people who carried it on their back for sale would even run into bandits on the mountain paths who tried to steal their profits. Third generation sales manager Daisuke Takada felt that the people in the region were responsible for remedying the situation. He found a craftsman who understood the old methods, asking for help. After 7 years, the company began selling Shuru Tawashi (windmill palm tree scrubbing brush) using the high quality, domestically sourced palm bark from Kishu. Made in Japan.

Materials: SHURO (Trachycarpus fortune), Metal wire
Dimensions: 14cm x 6cm
Care: Allow to dry between uses.

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