Fueguia 1833

We take great pleasure in introducing you the impeccable Fueguia 1833 sustainable fragrance collection, where scent tells a story about a destination, from the South American rain forests to the Italian alps.

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Each unique scent is created in a limited series of only 400 bottles per batch, due to the scarcity of the natural ingredients available at the time of production. The company is responsible for every action: from the constant and meticulous research of precious botanical ingredients, formulations, production and creation of handmade packaging.

About Feuguia 1833

Milan based sustainable scent house Fueguia 1833, started as an homage to the scientific exploration age but also as an homage to the native people of South America. Founder Julian Bedel began the brand in his home country of Argentina, named after the Fueguia basket, an indigenous girl from the country’s Tierra del Fuego province who relocated to England with explorer Robert Riz Roy. 

Fueguia 1833 was born as a result of a Help Argentina scent-based art project, a social investment non-profit organisation that Bedel founded in 2002. As a pioneer in sustainable fragrance production, Bedel has a zero waste policy using only sustainable materials that are 100% biodegradable. Beautiful glass perfume bottles are made in Milan where Bedel has a workshop. He works with local carpentry students and sustainable wood suppliers in Argentina to create their distinctive, zero waste fragrance packaging.

“My approach to scent has always been driven by connecting with the divine, in a way. Why humans, anthropologically, have been looking in our metaphysical rituals to incorporate scent — to kind of amplify whatever thing we were trying to do, whatever the ritual anywhere on the planet we tried, to have a scent in addition to that.”

Julian Bedel