Essential Alignment Rose Hydrolat 100ml

Essential Alignment Rose Hydrolat 100ml

Essential Alignment


From Essential Alignment Natural Skincare a pure organic rose hydrolat with the most delightful fragrance, a gentle and therapeutic treatment for your skin. Rose hydrolat is naturally balancing and moisturising, as well as having antioxidant qualities. As an astringent it makes a fabulous toner. Spraying a fine mist of rose hydrolat over makeup will make it last longer and give you a natural glow. The aroma of rose has been associated with stress reduction and relaxation for centuries.

Directions and use: A soothing and hydrating skin tonic, the rose hydrolat can be used to revitalise skin anytime. Spritz pre-moisturiser or as final step in your skincare regime. Ideal to use throughout the day for a refreshing aromatic lift. Suitable for all skin types.

Formulation: The organic rose hydrolat is the result of distillation of rose damascena petals. Pure and refreshing for your skin.