Essential Alignment Space Mist 200ml

Essential Alignment Space Mist 200ml

Essential Alignment


From Essential Alignment Natural Skincare a beautifully fragrant space and body spray naturally dissipates negative energy, clearing and uplifting your space.

This aromatic spray contains vibrational essences and essential oils to clear your space and personal energy field. Initially developed and used in wholistic healing practice to maintain a clear, welcoming and uplifted space before, during and after a consultation, it became highly sought after by clients to take home for personal use. Fabulous to maintain a harmonious space, and for ‘first aid’ relief when feeling heavy, depleted or discombobulated.

Spray throughout your home, workspace and energy fields; on bedding, yoga mat, furniture and clothing. Relax, breathe, and enjoy a renewed sense of clarity and harmony. Supportive, grounding uplifting and 100% natural, this formulation also has benefits as a body spray.