Hibi 10 minute incense: Deep Scents

Hibi 10 minute incense: Deep Scents

Oak Moss
Cedar Wood


  • Hibi self-lighting incense sticks combine Hyogo prefecture’s traditional crafts include centuries of incense blending, and more recently, 70% of Japan’s match production: 
  • Hibi (meaning ‘days’) incorporates natural paper fibres, wax and charcoal into meticulously balanced incense powders, creating a strikable, matchless incense stick which burns safely resting on its own reusable custom pad without the need for a lighting device.
  • A beautiful, unisex gift, inviting the user into a moment’s peace and reflection in their busy day.
  • Each box has 8 incense sticks in a modern Japanese scent, with a reusable burning pad.
  • Made in Japan.

hibi’s latest release scents are deep– three considered new fragrances which reach create mystery and luxury, with dry, woody and exotic aromatics reaching for something beyond the familiar.

cedar wood

reminiscent of the crisp dry air of a cedar forest, this woody fragrance calls forth strength and stillness, with enlivening clean and subtly sharp spicy notes.

oak moss

a beautiful balance of sweet green moss and aged timber tones, this soft blend conjures a sense of new growth and rich, earthy warmth.


scenting the air with complex amber sweetness, cut with rich, smoky wood notes, ambergris evokes a dramatic and seductive ambience.


*Please note - we are unable send matches by air or internationally due to postal regulations.