Mimosa Botanicals Roll On Botanical Perfume 10ml

By Mimosa Botanicals


Experience botanical perfumery with these handcrafted perfume oils using pure essential oils, botanical infusions & absolutes blended into Australian jojoba oil. Hand crafted in Castlemaine. SMALL BATCH. PURE PLANT BASED. PRESERVATIVE FREE. ALCOHOL FREE. 10ml.


Roseum Noir - INSPIRATION: rose gardens / Indian temples / Incense / ritual & ceremony. Stepping into a rose garden in full bloom beside a place of divine contemplation & ceremony.  Top note: Australian mandarin; Heart note: rosa damascene, black pepper, rose geranium; and, Base note: Indian sandalwood, vanilla, frankincense

The Woods - INSPIRATION: European cedar forests / linden & citrus orchards / sunshine on damp earth. Walking through a forest of cypress & cedar, the dampness of the earth after winter rain is being bought to life by the dappled sun shining through the canopy to reveal a seductive sweetness. Top note: petitgrain, lime; Heart note: ylang ylang, linden blossom; and, Base note: Indian sandalwood, patchouli, cedarwood, cypress.

Rose & Santal - INSPIRATION: rose gardens / Indian temples / Incense / ritual & ceremony. Handcrafted botanical eau de parfum using locally grown organic rose  petals which were picked last summer, gives the parfum a golden hue & organic essence. Top note: Australian mandarin; Heart note: rosa damascene, black pepper, rose geranium, fresh roses; and, Base note: Indian & Australian sandalwood, vanilla pod, frankincense resin, tonka bean. 

Citrus & Sage - INSPIRATION: Cottage gardens in spring / freshly mowed grass under bare feet/sipping cold handmade lemonade in the afternoon sunshine. Bitter orange trees are blooming giving off their sweet seductive notes, lavender flowers are warming in the late afternoon sun alongside their partners in the herbal potager and the drenched earth rises in the heat of the day throwing a deep resinous aura that will take you into the night. Top Notes: lemon, bergamot, clary sage, sweet orange; Heart Notes: neroli, lavender, geranium, lime flower; and, Base Notes: frankincense, benzoin.

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