Mizensir Blue Gin Eau De Parfum 100ml

Mizensir Blue Gin Eau De Parfum 100ml



Let’s play! Everything about this perfume revolves around the concept of play. An olfactory fun around a theme dear to Alberto Morillas: freshness. A fragrant lightness that could be put in a nutshell: what can a Mizensir Blue Gin, the encounter between a pair of jeans and a glass of gin, smell like?

The answer is given by the juniper and its black berries with which the spirit is prepared.

Here, their lively note marks the whole composition by playing on balance and contrast with the other ingredients. Sichuan pepper and cardamom reinforce its spicy character while the mandarin zest highlights its bitterness. As a counterpoint to this freshness, there is the semi-cottony, half powdery comfort of the Irone and the mineral density of the Cetalox.

Blue Gin is a play on words and meanings, an effect of materials and sensations, somewhere between the supple and loyal cotton of denim and the freshness of ice cubes before the gin ignites the palate.

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